I have lots of rangefinders (Leica, Contax, Nikon, etc.) and SLRs (Contax, Nikon, Minolta, etc), and various fixed lens RFs. I started out many, many years ago with a Nikkorex (!) and stuck with SLRs for a long time (mainly because my Nikon S3 was stolen in eastern Zaire). I liked the full view, the use of telephotos, the accurate framing. But over time, as I aged and my eyesight changed, it became significantly easier to focus with a good rangefinder patch. And despite my continuing love and use of Nikon F and Nikkormats, I seem to find the use of a rangefinder to somehow be more pleasing. I will switch back and forth, for how can I resist using my F? But it's very much a personal choice you'll have to make. And despite all the NOOKY NESUMs and such for closeup work with RFs, you'll always want an SLR on hand for that sort of work. Try both!