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I have a question to everone that participates in a print exchange. How does everyone present the prints - Hanging, folder, boxes? I currently keep the prints in stacks for each of the exchanges. This really does not do any of the prints justice.
I also keep them in stacks until I find a good way of storing them. This will need to cater for the info sheets which I enjoy reading. Since these exchanges are 'limited' to 10x8's, using a folder with transparent sleeves should be possible. In fact I have several ex Scapbooking 'acid free' folders (wife decided she didn't like them) that should do the job. I have done something similar to some (need to finish it off) of the postcard exchanges I've participated in (I posted a picture of it in one of the postcard threads some time ago). Some other exchanges I had have ended up with larger prints which are harder to store in exchange groups.