I've been posting in the other sections for a short while, but I suppose I ought to give a proper introduction for myself.

I guessed you could say I am a recovering digital photographer. About nine years ago I started seriously exploring photography as art after years of just taking snapshots. I started with a Canon AE-1P and worked at it for a few years. People started hiring me to do portraits. I then made the jump into digital with Canon EF gear and eventually opened a photography business. I did youth sports, weddings, portraits and the like. I also explored a bit of photojournalism here and there.

Soon I discovered that the pictures I wanted to capture were not what my clients wanted. I had to decide between what I wanted and the clients, and I closed my photography business and took a full-time job as a newspaper editor. I have since been pursuing photography on my own time.

I got into medium format about two years ago when a friend gave me a bunch of 120 film someone she knew was throwing out. I bought a camera that could use it, and dug right in. I have been discovering the true beauty of North Dakota out here, and I have been trying to share it with the world through photography.

Now, after discovering what I could do with movements and such, I am exploring large format. I have so much yet to learn. I have so much I want to do. This is a really wonderful community and I have been learning so very much from you all. Thank you for that.