The Dutch distributor of Foma, Fotohuis RoVo (Robert Vonk), sent me an email today stating that Fomapan 200 in 120-size with the following date/batch numbers are eligible for replacement: 099561 exp. date: 11/2013 and 099561 exp. date: 12/2013.

Foma admits scratch/crack-like problems with these batches in tight loading systems ("Hasselblad A12 and some TLR's").

I personally won't bother to return the few 200-120 films that I've shot or not-yet shot. I refuse to spend more time and money on an issue that should have been addressed long before. But perhaps I'm being harsh here.

I will be much more interested in Foma's view on the problems reported by some people (including myself) with Fomapan 100-120. Not a word about that in the email, unfortunately.