Yes, I guess I am just too darn ethical in regard to trespass signs and too protective of my physical well-being to indulge in serious exploration. I am fascinated by old decaying industrial buildings and infrastructure, but I have seen stamped steel industrial stair treads that were completely rusted through. So when you walk into a building that has seen no use, and maybe no maintenance, for decades, you quite literally take your life in your hands. It surprising in fact how fast some stuff deteriorates, especially when there is no longer HVAC operating.

There was an incident a year or so back near here where a roofing contractor VP was up on the roof of an old boiler house at a private school, instructing two workers on what they were to do on a repair project. As they surveyed the scene, a section of the roof collapsed into a former coal bin. The VP, wearing no safety gear ("the boss"), died from his injuries. The workers had life lines and protective gear on and one of them, though he fell, at least survived, albeit with some injuries.