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I once had a customer who bought a Leica M5 from my shop because he wanted "a really good camera for a trip of a lifetime to Africa", he came back a few weeks later complaining bitterly that the camera was faulty because all his pictures were blank, so I shot a film with it and processed it to test it, the negatives were fine, when I showed him the prints he didn't believe I had used his camera and when I questioned him about what his operating sequence was when using the camera I found to my dismay he had left the lens cap on all the time ! .
I sold a very clean Nikon Ftn to a guy who took it to the Altai Republic. I made certain to give him the manuals, one for the body and one for the Ftn finder. He came home with a whole bunch of overexposed slide film, because he never looked at the manuals and never knew to do the Nikon shuffle after changing lenses. I've no sympathy at all for lazy fools.