Yes, I routinely use AN glass on the bottom for chromes and color negs. But in each instance I've
carefully selected the specific type. And I do routinely use longer than "normal" focal length lenses
and diffused light sources, so this affects the angle of incidence of the rays. For smaller originals
(4X5 down) the wavy pattern Omega and Durst style glass works quite well. For 8X10 the Focal
Point product is fine. Newton rings are a contstant problem in this climate (classic SF Bay fog). In
many cases I need to use AN glass below slick black and white sheet films like TMX, TechPan, or
Delta 100. A tricky proposition with small 120 or 35mm work, however. It's a delicate game getting
not getting too much MTF out of a high-end enlarging lens in such cases and revealing a bit of the
AN pattern with high-contrast papers. That's why I have kept some of my older regular rodagons
on hand, besides the Apo Rodagon and Apo Nikkors. Tricky in theory to predict all this, but easy to
cumulative test per various applications.