I'm afraid I'm quite late on commenting for this round... In the recent weeks I received :

Trond's Bird. The bird does not seem in a very good shape, but the image works marvelously. All the pebbles create a lovely background.
Kraker's winter landscape. Nice perspective of the trees, the general mood is well conveyed for me.
Mark Bardent's Oahu Norths Shore. This looks like a vintage print, I'd LOOOVE to see this place !
Unsigned card "Windows detail, Miner Shack". Lovely close-up, I enjoy such closeups !
George Nova Scotia's homage to Kodak. I too am impressed by the 1953 paper's look, as well as by the image.
Ryan's strength of Irene. It's jolly hard to imagine such a powerful phenomenon from where I live !

I'm afraid I'll be late for this round, I have 2/3 of my cards printed but the dayjob kept me away from the darkroom for weeks in a row...

Thanks !