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A tougher glass would really be nice as one does stand the chance of scratches over multiple cleanings.

I have about 5 sets(top and bottom) ready to go right now thanks to Focal Point, but I have a monster sheet required for my 11x14 . if this MRC glass is as good as you state then I need to find a source to cut and bevel.
I highly doubt it. This is the 2mm thick glass Schneider uses in B+W MRC filters (they claim the coating is actually harder than the glass). It was a reasonable cost for 35mm. Schneider cut two rectangles for me out of two clear MRC camera filters. But for anything bigger I can only imagine what this would cost. Not only that, I don't even know if they put that coating on glass big enough for anything larger than medium format film (beyond a certain filter ring size they don't seem to offer that coating - at least on any standard products). There's no way they'd have this stuff big enough for 8x10, let alone 11x14. It would have to be much thicker obviously. You're probably best off with Focal Point. I'm thinking of trying some of their stuff out.