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Well, an Om -4T cold cost aout 200-300$? I mean, used on ebay. With (I guess 1,8) 50 mm lenses?
Or what's the admissible cost for such an item?
An OM-4t in good to excellent condition will likely run quite a bit more. If $200-300 is your range, go for an OM-4 if you can get one for that money, though you'll probably be more likely to get a very nice OM-2n for that price.

In either case, for a 50mm try to get either the 1.8 that is marked "made in Japan" on the front ring (NOT just "Japan" or "MC") or a 1.4 with a serial # > about 1,108,000. The 1.8 went through at least 5 versions, and the latter "miJ" incarnations are the best and are quite good. The 1.4 improved as well in later versions.

To give you hope, I once bought an OM-2 with 1.4 and pristine leather case for about $65 including shipping. I treated the body to a CLA (most cameras of this age at least need the light seals replaced.