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Brian, you're muddling the early SLR Contax cameras with focal plane shutters made in Dresden by Zeiss Ikon just after WWII with the quite differeent West German, Stuttgart, made Contaflex/Contarex etc which used leaf shutters.
Ian, m'friend, please don't tar the Contarex with the Contaflex brush. The Contarex was a heavy somewhat klutzy very complex 35 mm SLR with a focal plane shutter and superlative optics, was improved considerably over time. The Contaflex was a cheap complex 35 mm SLR with leaf shutter.

They were all in the market when was setting up but I couldn't justify buying any German (BRD, DDR) 35 mm SLR. At the time my quartet's second violinist was a Leicanut, spoke fervently about the Leicaflex "if you must have an SLR." Not for me, and none of that lot ever will be. But Contarexes are lovely artifacts.