Thanks for your advice/experience!

I'm no stranger to rangefinders. I tried the XA and hated it. My favorite 35mm cameras right now are my Retina's, but the finders are a little squinty. I've tried a few RF's but none of them have been a real joy to use but I feel that the Leica M's will fix this. I know that cameras are nothing but "lightproof" boxes, but to me, the experience is very different.

I felt that an SLR and RF in this format is a little redundant because they can function similarly for many applications. I know that SLR's are more advantageous for careful composition, macro, and telephoto work, but I have little/no interest in these applications. I do, however, like the idea of affordable bodies and quality glass. I can build a system much more easily. With a RF 1-2 Leica/Zeiss bodies and 1-2 Leica/Zeiss lenses will cost a few grand. But I can build a decent SLR system for much much less.

Money is one thing, but not everything--I don't want to hold on to cameras that I won't use. I have a bunch of cameras that I don't use and that I plan on selling them but I'm not sure how minimal I want to go....however, i think that I'll keep the OM system for a while because letting it go is a little tough. I haven't owned a Leica, so it's possible that I may be dissapointed and warm up to SLR's.