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Thanks for the input - is the graphite hard to come by, or is it just pencil lead? (sorry if that is a dumb question). Also, I do NOT have the squeek... Do you think that there might still be a sticking, lube related issue? Or is it more likely the electromagnet?
I was actually considering buying some camera repair books, but I don't know which one would be a good starting point. I alway enjoy the mechanical sideof my hobbies, just am a little afraid of touching somehting as delicate as a camera without really building up some knowledge. One site where I bought some seal foam seems to exalt Ed Romney - is he well respected in this area?
Ed Romney has a couple of books out on camera repair. I have one of them but have misplaced it. In the book, he talks about the kind of graphite to use. It isn't pencil lead. You can buy the powder which is milled specifically for lubricant applications. Ed is pretty well respected for his camera repair knowledge