Steve, quite interesting, first time I have seen film from Vanbar cheaper than any USA site. However, the cheapest 4x5 film is from Badger and the film is Ilford FP4+ / HP5+.

Landed price delivered to my door, as of a few minutes ago for 100 sheets of FP4+ is $147.97 AUD. HP5+ is the same.

The landed price delivered to my door as of a few minutes ago from Vanbar, for 100 sheets of TMX100 is $172.04 AUD

Iím not quite ofay with when the Kodak 15% price rise kicks in, but that may possibly be why TMX100 in the USA is, relative to Ilford films, more expensive at the moment, and more expensive than the current Vanbar price.

The cheapest way I know to purchase a first tier 4x5 film, is Ilford film in 100 sheet boxes from Badger. Been that way for a few years now.

By the way, 4 packs of 100 sheet 4x5 Ilford film from Badger, is the cheapest possible way to get 4x5 Ilford film from anywhere in the world, that I know of.

My experience with Badger and that price of postage is 1Ĺ to 2 weeks delivery, often around 1 and a bit weeks.