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Ian, m'friend, please don't tar the Contarex with the Contaflex brush. The Contarex was a heavy somewhat klutzy very complex 35 mm SLR with a focal plane shutter and superlative optics, was improved considerably over time. The Contaflex was a cheap complex 35 mm SLR with leaf shutter.

They were all in the market when was setting up but I couldn't justify buying any German (BRD, DDR) 35 mm SLR. At the time my quartet's second violinist was a Leicanut, spoke fervently about the Leicaflex "if you must have an SLR." Not for me, and none of that lot ever will be. But Contarexes are lovely artifacts.
Dan you're right the last Contarex cameras were the best, I remember being photographed by one of my school teachers who used one and still have some prints. In fact the late models where innovative in their own way taking interchangable 35mm backs.

But your "Klutzy" comment sums them up along with many other West German SLR's of the era, UK buit cameras like the Wraflex were even worse, it took the Japapnese to streamline and popularise the SLR and also introduce good modestly priced Rangefinder cameras.