"Museum" glass is sometimes laminated with a UV polymer film. Don't try that. The titanium coated
type is very clear and color netural. The biggest problem with this stuff is that it needs to be cut
like temepered glass, with a different cutter geometry than window glass, that it forms very sharp
edges, and that it is fairly fragile. You clean it with the same care as a lens; but the coating per se is not soft or easily scratched. It will chip if you try to ease the edge with a regular glass router.
Instead take a very fine sanding sponge (nice thick one, so you don't get cut) or some 600-grit
wet/dry emery cloth or crocus cloth and sanding block, and gently relieve the edges of the sides.
Just with the mfg website regarding the suitable cleaning solutions for the specific product. They
differ, due to different coating methods.