While I have a Leica, I find that there are a number of RFs that can come close to the quality if there is no need for interchangable lenses as a requirement or if so, then look for the CL, the Minilta CLE or even the Barnack LTM that all have Leica quality but not the M body pricing for a good one. If really on a budget and want almost (within a degree or so) then look for a Minox 35mm other than the ML (that has shutter problems). They bought their glass from Leica and were great at ginding the lenses. When Minox went up for sale, Leica bought the company to get their lens grinding ability for small glass associated with digital lenses that Leica had not in-house experience with at the time. I used a ML along with my Leica and the differences were so small that other than I got the Leica at a bargain rate and my ML was experiencing the shutter problem (sadly), I could have just used the ML rather than getting the Leica. I still miss the Minox and have thought of getting another but, different model on the used market. Compared to the more well known Olympus XA series the Minox was clearly the better, I had a XA along with the ML and about 6-months after getting it gave it away as it just did not measure up. I also, really liked the Rollei 35mm made in Germany even though the control layout was funky. The lens is almost as good as the Minox but it is more reliable than the ML in spades and I could have also as easily lived with it. It is another today, I'd want if not having the Leica.