Hello all,
I would appreciate some help regarding a subject that I’m sure has been done to death here, but my searches here have not turned up the answers I am looking for.

I have never been much for film testing, so I have been happily shooting away based on manufacturer’s recommendations and a few suggestions here. *But, I think I have reached the point now where I would like to explore a bit deeper. I have a copy of Les McLean’s book and thought I would give his film testing method a try. *

I have exposed and developed the film as described and am left with the negative and contact sheets in front of me wanting to understand what I am looking at.

The particulars:
Three rolls of Ilford Delta 400 film, rated at 400, each exposed at +3,*+2,*+1 stops, meter reading,*-1,*-2 and*-3 stops of the same scene. *

Films were*processed in Ilford ID-11.
-*N time of 14:00 min.
-*N+1 time of 16:45 min.
-*N-1 time of 11:45 min.

Contact sheet was printed on Ilford multigrade RC paper at grade 2 and processed in Ilford Bromophen.

I know this is the subjective part but when I am looking at the contact sheets there are several that look like they would be printable negatives. *The one that stands out to me as having the best looking shadow detail is the one overexposed by*+1 and developed N-1. *It also shows pretty good highlight detail.

Am I interpretting it correctly that my film speed should be closer to 200 and my development time for normal development should be in the eleven minute range? *Or am I missing the point?

Thanks in advance for any input.