HI Craig: I agree with Rich....you are to be congratulated for the testing. However, IMO, the entire process of "film testing" can be so much easier to complete. Simply consider contacting Fred Newman at The View Camera Store who will help with your film testing, and completely remove any subjective bias. As you might know, Fred will expose your film using a step wedge, and return such to you for processing in your own darkroom using your own methods. You will develop for 5 different times, and return the film to Fred. Fred reads the results on his densitometer, and returns the results to you via a graph that will easily allow you to understand the various developing times that should be used for various subject brightness ranges ( SBR ). Meter the shadows and the highlights, determine the SBR.
From the graphs, given an SBR for a particular scene, you will know what speed to rate your film. Set the meter at that speed. Next, meter the scene (the shadows ) using the film speed indicated....done. Expose, then develop for a time based upon the SBR according to a graph that is derived from your testing. The process appears to be so much harder than it is when writing about such, but in practice takes about a minute or less. Once your testing is completed your are DONE...and you no longer have to worry about anything else but correct metering.

Please feel free to PM me for additional questions or details.