This has been a bit tricky, well I tried super glue, but it was way too runny, the liquidity of it caused it to not form a high meniscus. The epoxy I am using is branded Duco Cement and it dries very clear.

The problem is that when the droplets are drying they collapse and shrink down. I have had the most success with forming a bubble within the epoxy which acts as a support for the material to dry on and take shape. Also suspending it upside down helped it dry into a better shape as well.

I have been trying to get some exposures indoors, and flashing a test subject with a strobe, and leaving it sitting on a chair for awhile but I am not getting anything close to usable. I think the focus is off. They are 5mm wide, and 2-2.5mm high, I think the correct terminology is plano convex for the lens shape. The box back/paper/film surface is 4cm away from pinhole.
Sorry for the images I didnt want to setup the macro lens and tube for these 2 shots. I'll have to try in daylight tomorrow if I have time.