You shouldn't have to spend anywhere near $800 for a modern lens, with clean glass in a properly working shutter, that will cover - $400 is more like it, particularly if you don't mind a bit of wear on the barrel. Look among the slower (f/6.8, f/8) wide-angle types in the 90mm-125mm range, toward the longer end if you want to go whole-hog with movements and minimize the need for a center filter. Fuji, Nikon, Rodenstock and Schneider all have modern wide-angle offerings in that range. Rodenstocks can often be found less expensively under the Caltar II-N label, Schneider Super-Angulons under the Caltar-W II label. The lenses Fuji and Linhof have offered with their 617 cameras are all just LF lenses mounted in focusing helical; any existing 617 focal length that interests you from either vendor is also available as an ordinary LF lens in shutter.

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