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http://media.theage.com.au/technolog...e-3218916.html - especially as it's presented as an alternative to Instamatic!! How that can be valued at more than all of Kodak, presents a Capitalist mystery, the likes of which I will never understand...

Marc, You were able to extract information from the presentation that I was not. Is it possible that you posted the incorrect link. The presentation I watched was about a business concern in London that sold cameras and provided service. Selling product and services to customers is typical of most business concerns. Though the Kodak name was mentioned once as I recall, that's no reason for concern. Many manufacturers of film and cameras will still find a ways to profit, keeping these products and services on the market, even if it's just in a small way.

I didn't see anything about Kodak Instamatic cameras either, and that's why I suspect we're not watching the same video. I recall the Instamatic cameras perty much fizzling out in the late 70's. At least I don't recall much of anybody in the 80's using them. By then most everyone I knew was using 35mm film one way or another. How Lomo cameras would be an alternative to Instamatics is beyond me, having occupied different time-frames. Yet another reason I suspect we're not watching the same video.