Thanks a lot, many great advice. I didn't mean to turn this into a RF vs SLR thread, I know that they each share their own pros/cons but I was just curiuos to know you RF shooters shelved your SLR's. I didn't tell my whole story...

So I started shooting ~ 1 year a go with a Konica Auto S2. I loved it but it broke, but I wanted an "upgrade" and I felt that german glass/cameras were overpriced and too expensive, so I went with Canon P + 50mm f1.4 lens. The build was great, the viewfinder clear, but the patch was faded. I returned it.

Since then I've iterated across a few cameras but all have left me dissapointed.

Canon 7: Patch was "alright" but the camera felt clumsy so I sold it.
Canon L3: I liked it a lot but the camera had mechanical problems so I returned it.
Canon IID2: Decent camera, the patch is very contrasty so it is the only LTM that I kept.
Retina IIIc: Very easy for me to focus but the camera has slow ergonomics (great folder)
Retina IIIS: Better viewfinder for sure but the ergonomics were only slightly improved.
Olympus XA: Way too small/fiddly

So I thought of going OM since it had RF-like characteristics but the truth is, it isn't a RF. I still reach for my Retina IIc or Canon IID2. I like focusing with them, but the viewfinders are squinty/dim. I could try Leica CL/CLE, Hexar RF, Bessa R's, but I feel that for the price they command, I might as well go M2/M3. They also have shortcommings (low viewfinder magnification, EBL, batteries, etc.).

I also accrued some other cameras that I don't use/like so I'm wanting to really slim down my collection and keep things simple. My favorite camera by far is my Rolleiflex 3.5T and my favorite focal length is standard so I was thinking of just sticking with a Rollei 3.5E or 3.5T and a Leica M3 with a 50mm lens. However the one camera system that I'm reluctant to give up is the OM system because of it's jewel-like beauty and versatility. I think I'll keep it for when I want to go wider/longer, macro, etc.