I want to locate a decent Nikon "family zoom," which to me ranges from 24mm to around 90mm, not too expensive and not too massive. So I expect it to have variable aperture and probably won't go to f/2.8.

I had a 24-85 f/2.8-4 Macro that was pretty good but it was stolen. I'm thinking of getting another: it's pretty compact, about the right range, pretty decent macro feature, etc.

The only other one I know about is the 35-70 2.8 wh/I am also considering although I would prefer more on the wide end.

Would you recommend another one for this kind of snapshooting out and about w/ the family? I'm not familiar w/ older zooms or the newer zooms, except I had an 18-200 VR and it was not really good enough.


Jeff Glass