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Having cast them aside in disgust, I've finally mustered the courage to look back over the prints, and I'm thinking now that it probably is an issue with film flatness. So, I'm going to give Ian's DIY glass negative carrier a try -- though it will probably be a week or so before I get the chance.

Thank you all very much for your helpful tips and suggestions!
Much good advice and some hints. If your negative is "popping" in the carrier it is best to make sure your are doing everything while it's popped from the heat. Of course keeping it flat is the best way and glass will do that. Some of us old slide projector people used to let the slide "pop" from heat before we would focus the projector. If you focused first the slide would just heat and pop out of focus. Your negatives could be doing the same think. Check the grain when first turned on and then a few minutes later. if you have a "popping" problem you'll know it. You also have to remember that your grain focuser in magnified at least 10X to 15X and you'll see grain with that and not in a normal size print. 16x20 from 35mm yes you'll see grain. 16x20 from 120 maybe not. Also, once you have things in-focus use your enlarger locks for the column if there is any. Your equipment is first rate and should not be the issue. I said "should not"! JohnW