I will have to check for different brands of superglue next time I'm in the store. I did get to play around with the camera and lenses today at around the same time and lighting conditions.

The lenses that dried to the bubble shape did work. I had to go back with a needle and pierce the hole again as a tiny film of glue covered it. So I had to be careful to not pierce the lens when doing it.

The results? Well not amazing lol. I have used the same size pinhole for all of them, using the same needle. The standard pinhole image fills a 5x7 image area almost fully. The one with my bubble epoxy lens, makes an image circle a little smaller than half that size. All are kinda fuzzy, I think thats more me than the hole, or lens, as the box is a cardboard chocolate box, with a film canister cap for a lens.

I will upload images after dinner. I kinda messed up the contact prints. I did them rushed and wet with a quick wash of the original negative image and using water to hold them together and squeegeed them flat. I have a piece of glass somewhere, but it wasn't in the darkroom.