Something is awfully wrong. B22 may not be the toughest enlarger ever made but it is a workhorse machine. I really doubt it's THAT unstable to cause blurry image by shaking that much.

I am suspecting your lens is sick.

Enlarger is just a machine to house lamp, condenser, and to keep light inside. I doubt your flim is popping because there is a condenser between lamp and the negs. If the alignment is off, you'd see sharp portion somewhere on your print. You indicated your problem is uniform. Dirty condenser isn't going to cause the problem you describe either as it is above your negs. It won't affect sharpness like you describe. Your likely problem is between your negative and the paper - which leaves lens.

If you want to try your setup with a new lens, I have a lens I can send to you. It's not a great lens but it'll be sufficient to check and make sure rest of your setup is fine. PM me with your address if you want to do this. You only pay for shipping from Florida.