Good to hear that the book and DVDs are selling in nice numbers. I am going to buy them, as soon as I can get the money to do so.

I think you are doing the community a service, now and in the coming (darkish) future.

I also think of the more scientific side of emulsion making as meaningful to pursue, to strive for excellence. To help people who want to, get as good a result as is possible without buying a lab. Even the most ardent "artiste" will eventually see that some good equipment and methods helps along, getting faster to the results you need, be it brushed or coated in some other way. (whatever happened to the spin-coating experiment?)

In the end, the more people who make emulsions, the better. Low or high-tech does not matter, it's just means to a specific end.

So take all that to heart. If you did not do all this work, nobody else would.