Righto here is my thoughts on the prints received. No specific order other than how the pile prints is right now.

Tomalophicon - What a spectacular colour print. I would love this as a panoramic or as a wall sized print at the 4:5 ratio. What grabs me is the colour of the horizon is replicated at the bottom of the picture which I presume is the shore's edge. Just unreal.

SMBooth - The mountain ash. I feel like I am there Shane. I have seen many a morning like this when hiking in the alpine areas myself but never captured the scene. Appreciate the use of the Fomaspeed 312 RC paper, because I was wanting to know what it was like. Now I can go out and get myself some.

munz6869 - Station Pier, 5th Feb 2012. When I first looked (and everyone else that has looked at this photo) I thought geez what a shot from a helicopter. Then I read your info sheet and saw you grabbed the shot form the Spirit of Tazzie. This picture is for me the essence of our very small passenger port here in Melbourne.

BarrieB. - Rural farm yard. By gosh Barrie I bet you're glad that you or not hand writing more than 10 info sheets for the exchange, and you're kicking yourself for leaving the yellow filter back at the car. Dadswells Bridge means the giant koala with extreme ear hair. Thanks for sharing there is much more to the area than the giant koala.

Nige - My tunnel view, Yosemite National Park. Second picture on Fomaspeed 312 RC paper. Having never been there I also feel like I have. The water fall, the snow capped mountains and thick forrests of what looks like pine. My only comment is would this be improved if shot with a yellow or orange filter?

Hoffy - Milang. A second colour print. Thanks. It is great to see another doing RA4 processing. So who is Steven Shore? Great colour all the same the deep blue of the sky and the dryness of the land one the lake bank.

ged - A lot of work went into this Ged and it is one the I'd love to see in a larger format like 12x16 or larger. Your burning and dodging has worked well and split toning has done the print full justice. I really have to thank you for this marvellous print. It is this print that made me think again about the standard of my own work.

Andrew K - I always look forward to what you send out as it is always accompanied by a great deal of detail as to why, how and when etc. All of the 3d pictures have been a bi of a talking point about the home and the guests who regularly visit here. I can't wait until I am doing the same in the darkroom. More so than the postcards from the postcard exchange. I appreciate the two pictures from the Pentax 110 SLR are just brilliant.

SteveR - Forrest Trees. Don't know what to say about these the second set of trees. My only comment is that I think they are a bit dark. I don't mean to offend.

Enrico Scotece - Lester's Lot. Second print on Oriental paper. My mother looked at this print and wished it was in colour as she said it took her back to her child hood back on the farm near the Grampians in Victoria. Mum said her dad had made all the she'd on th farm from what ever he could find, and left all sorts of items up against the walls. I think it is a great shot in B&W all the same as there is so much detail.

I also have to come clean. My print which I thought was mine was in fact not mine but my wife's. We both had cameras out on a working bee that weekend and she has very clearly pointed out that all my prints were in taken in colour taken with my Minolta Dynax. I am quite embarrassed to have laid claim to pictures that are not mine, and it is my wife who participated this time not me. All I did was get the image off the film an onto paper.

My sincerest apologies people and thanks to all who participated.