Thank you Marc for the clarification. That puts things in a different light.

My opinion on that is fairly basic . . . I just see it as a business concern trying to make a go-of-it using existing products and services. Though the video presentation does make a plug for an unrelated cellphone software application, it is still primarily about the film cameras. Does it matter that this concern is selling a line of cameras made up of inexpensive film cameras? After all, there was another concern, a "big-name concern" that manufactured cheap & inexpensive cameras for many decades. They made a science out of making photography affordable. Cardboard cameras, tin cameras, and inexpensive wood box cameras. I don't recall seeing articles debating their making a $1.00 camera, for example. I'm perty sure at the time, the general public appreciated having access to an inexpensive solution to photography. I don't see this Lomoscopy being any different. It sells cameras, film, processing services, it creates jobs, and fills a niche in the market. All is good.