I was asked to look over some photographs from WWII. The photographer was in the Army at the time, South Pacific and from the look Hawaii and the west coast. The two album have the title U.S. Army Air Forces Aerial photographic section. Along with the albums and photos, he had lots of slides most of which are Kodachrome which seem to be sandwiched between glass? In exchange for this, I was given a Meridian 4x5 Rangefinder camera. I will have to look into this. The estate was left to a friend and he's basically pitching everything, already threw away lots of slides. I was almost sick to think the 4x5 could have landed in the trash. Anyone have an idea where I should start? Is there any value in the collection? Thanks for your assistance. I will try to upload some cell phone shots of them. Interestingly there are some nudes as well as photographs of what he wrote were movie stars.