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Apparently, the Lomography folks feel that is basically not true. And do what if it is? They have their limitations. Many cameras sold through the years have had limitations.

Which would be sad if the Lomography users were interested in conventional 35mm gear, which it appears they are not. Is that what makes people mad? Admittedly, you can also buy "vintage" Dianas and Diana clones for a few bucks. You have to search for them, though, since they lack convenient distribution through Urban Outfitters. But I also don't think it necessarily makes sense to say that new gear is overpriced when used gear is cheaper. I mean, one expects used gear to be cheaper; it's used. And: most models of "real" 35mm cameras are out of production, so which is really the dead end? And did the Lomo folks sell on the promise of being the least-expensive option? Is cheapness the goal?

People are buying cameras, film, having fun with it. This is good.
Whatever. Lomos are mostly an impulse buy. Either they break or poor results coupled with film/development costs prompt shooters to ditch them. They're not doing much for film sales or labs in my area. Anyone serious about film shooting quickly moves on to one of those "out of production" 35mm SLRs that are almost free now. The goal is keeping Lomo stores afloat by pushing merch out the door.