Here's the follow up. I was waiting until I got my film back. Flew out Thursday 3/22, drove rental car to Oakhurst Best Western. Glad I had my Garmin GPS on those roads at night! Got up early Friday 3/23 and drove to Tunnel view before sunrise. I was the 2nd person there, (and the only one I saw all day with film cameras). Viewed a spectacular sunrise with constantly shifting cloud patterns. Drove down to Bridal Veil falls. Continued down the road to the chapel and Sentinel Bridge. Went to the Ahwahnee Hotel for lunch on the back patio. (What a view!) Walked around in the woods behind the hotel. Then walked the meadow by the lodge. Drove about 3 circuits in the valley, stopping at various pullouts. Finished up at Tunnel View until about 30 min prior to sunset, then had to get back to SFO for the meeting the next day. Anyway, i have been many places all over the world, and I was struck by the amazing beauty of Yosemite. I followed the forum's advice and didn't really have a rigid schedule or bucket list of photos to take. Thanks to the many posters who replied. I can certainly say, I am glad I took my cameras: Pentax 645N and Olympus XA. Almost all the other photographers there had their DSLRs snapping away with hundreds of time lapse photos. I was forced to be much more selective using film. All in all, it was a great day! The following images are all process and scan, no manipulation except for resizing: