Thanks for the thoughts Oren!

Sadly, the reason many of those cheaper lenses won't work for my design is their small image circle. The goal of this camera is to allow camera movements with bellows. Without a huge image circle, I can't pull off movements.

There's a pretty decent conversation about this on my identical thread on LFF, if you or anyone else is curious.
The general consensus there seems to be go with the Schneider 90mm f/5.6 Super-Angulon XL.

The Schneider 72 SAXL has an image circle of 226mm.
The Nikkor SW 90 has an image circle of 235mm.
The Schneider 90 SAXL has an image circle of 259mm.
The Schneider 110 SSXL has an image circle of 288mm.
The Grandagon-N 115 has an image circle of 291mm.
The Nikkor SW 120 has an image circle of 312mm.

Do any of you folks have any experience with these lenses wide open? Id love to hear your thoughts on light falloff and sharpness..

Do you think the wider 90SAXL is worth the shorter movements compared to the 110-120 lenses? To give you an idea of my shooting style, my favorite 35mm-format lenses are all 24mm, and my favorite MF lenses are 40mm.

Thanks again for all of your help!


Also, I'll happily unravel either.
(But I'm a heterozygous type of guy.)