I would love to support my local distributor - Vanbar , by purchasing through them, but their prices are outlandish in comparison to those in the US. If any importer charges more than 15-20% more for an equivalent item in the US then one or more of the following things applies:
1. their business is inefficient
2. they are profiteering
3. they are being charged more by the mfg than retailers in the US are being charged.

None of these points I am prepared to pay for.

as an example , Freestyle stock Ilford Multigrade MGIV FB W24K (Warmtone) 8x10/100 sheets for $138.49. Vanbar stock the same product for $230.45. That is a crazy 66% more expensive (assuming parity conversion). And since the Aussie dollar has been higher lately, it makes Vanbar's prices look even worse.