Good grief I need some clear help here, I can't figure this out:
I stupidly bought two Elinchrom Style RX 600 flash heads from the States, had them shippped over, then realised what an ignorant fool I was
for not taking into account the power cord differences between US and Australia - can't plug 'em in of course. *whacks head*

So now, I'm stuck with two flash heads which I desperately want to keep and use very soon, for long and complicated reasons, and
I can't work out if it's possible to just use a local IEC C13 power cord to plug them into a wall outlet and not blow the heads up, or
use some kind of US-AUS power adaptor and hope that doesn't blow them up either..

I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ELECTRICITY, well, very basic understanding, and could really use some help from anyone who
happens to have dealt with this same problem before!

I know that my Style rx 600s are the US 120V version, but does anyone know if it is safe to use the Australian 240V IEC cord with it?
Do these units have some kind of transformer in the head itself..??..? Not even sure I'm using the right word?

If I've ended up with two beautiful flash heads which I can't safely plug in and use here, and can't return them because they have a
return cut-off date at B&H I am seriously screwed.