Hi, thankyou so much for doing that research for me!! I took a look at the link, the transformer thingy looks too good to be true - I am scared of it!
Is it really that simple, just plug in and you're all set? Wouldn't it overload something or die after an hour or be really tricky to use in certain
locations? By the by, do you happen to be an electrician lol ?

I'm not sure what or where the rating plate is? on the body of the unit itself there's nothing really to find except underneath the plug input there
is written: 120V - 50/60Hz . Is that what you mean? Like I said, CLUELESS about electrics.

What do you think would be the least traumatic: getting Elinchrom to tinker with the units and fix them to be Australian or this transformer idea?
Considering I am a pretty broke visual arts graduate and have several exhibitions in nearing months which need to be shooting for now.
I know that when the T.O. from my art school had to send Elinchrom flash heads back to Switzerland for special fixing it was weeks before
they resurfaced again to be used. I don't have that luxury of time unfortunately!