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Remove the bottom plate and WITHOUT GETTING ANY INTO THE PRISM AREA squirt a little lighter fluid on the sides of the bottom of the camera. Then turn camera back down so it falls out (hopefully dirty and black) The timer gears need to be cleaned this way. If you get any in the prism area you will have to take off the top. Keep doing it several times being careful like I said. Make sure all the bottom is squirted. If you were in Phila I could do it in 5 minutes because I have taken hundreds of cameras apart (partially). CAUTION: with this model (not one of the best, by the way) the bolts that hold the pressure plate actually go right thru the back, sometimes causing light leaks. If you get light leaks check this bolt area also. I believe the TL Electro X (not yours since you have the TL Electro without the 'X') does not have this vulnerablilty. - David Lyga