Yuck, digital movies. You can't even project digital still images with the same resolution as the captured image in the camera, at best you have a poor 1920x1080 projection vs. capture at 5184x3456 (Canon 7D) or 5616x3744 (1DsIII), for example.

Initial Digital Cinema installations were 2K installations, with a resolution of 2048 pixels by 1080 pixels (HDTV's are 1920x1080 or 1280x720).
Sony was the first to introduce 4K systems, which display 4096 pixels by 2160 pixels, and other manufacturers have followed. 4096 pixels across a 75' wide screen?! 54 pixels per foot, 4.5 pixels per inch. Sit close and you see the pixels clearly.

Gimme film projection!!!

Not just Tarantino as a film supporter, Spielberg, too! http://gigaom.com/video/spielberg-se...l-light-kinda/
"SPIELBERG: Eventually Ill have to shoot [and edit] movies digitally, when the"re is no more film and Im willing to accept that. But I will be the last person to shoot and cut on film, yknow?