I think that changing your signature Ron is a great idea. That will retroactively change all your posts (ever) to have that signature.

Marketing is so important and I'll 2nd that so far, your book remains somewhat on the DL (down-low for all those over 30... ).

This might be a long-shot, but how often does a book on Emulsion making come out?? Imagine if the Brit. J. of Phot. did a story on it. Have you considered a "press-release" of sorts?, as silly as that may sound.

PF doesn't even say the name of the author. Wow. The description is just the table of contents, which is really not the space or place to present this. This is where the sell should be happening. I'd be more than happy to draft something up if you're interested.

I want the ball to start rolling for this book, and I think we need to start kicking it around!