I went to see Contraband with friends a couple of months ago and we saw it at one of the big multiplexes nearby. Unfortunately, it was being digitally projected and the raster scan lines were visible even seated there quarters of the way back from the screen in the theatre and were glaringly visible whenever the ship was shown diagonally on the screen. This isn't an issue with film because the grains aren't deposited in exactly the same place each frame so you don't get a fixed pattern forming in the image the way the scan lines do or the jagged edges in diagonal or curved lines.

Both of us were really pissed off because after paying some pretty steep admission prices, the theatre ran a ton of ads before the show began including ditching previews entirely to squeeze more ads in, followed by the movie with the low quality digital image. We might as well have saved a lot of money and watched TV at home since that's pretty much what was being shown on the big screen. Since then I haven't bothered seeing movies in theaters except for an independent place nearby, and that theatre's going to suffer if release prints dry up. The last time I was there, the owner told me he's not sure how long he's going to be able to stay in business.