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Another bummer...production and manufacture ended last year for new, film-based movie cameras.

Yeah, I know, right? It all seems doom and gloom, but at least Bolex still makes 16mm cameras! I can't wait to get mine repaired!

I like how the so-called "experts" commenting at the bottom of that page say they like the visual quality and archival properties of film, but no-one just can't be bothered with the cost!

"Oh, yeah. Film is great and all, but who likes to pay for stuff?"

Well, I have a little system where I save part of my salary for shooting and processing film each month. If a lowly graduate student can find ways of saving money, so can the cheapskate movie studios. I'm not anti-digital, but one will have to pay for the cost of making a picture in either film and processing or buying expensive digital cameras, projectors and software. Choose your poison!

Digital's good for beginners on a budget and can open up possibilities that analog can't (I've made some wild abstract photos with my digital camera that required post processing), but overall, I love analog.

I pay a premium for quality, and I also plan to keep the analog flame burning by learning as much as I can about analog photography.

"Illegitimi digitali non carborundum!"