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If you connect it to a transformer with the correct voltage output there is no reason why you should damage it. It would be the same as taking it to America and plugging it into a wall socket.
I don't wish to be disagreeable but that's not quite true. Most stepdown transformers are autotransformers (single winding with a centre-tap). If you overload them to failure, one end of the winding will go open-circuit, which will result in either no output voltage, or delivery of the full input voltage to the output, which means the magic smoke gets let out. Using grossly under-rated stepdown transformers can be quite hazardous to the load equipment.

It's not too bad for 240V->115V where the voltage ratio is about 2:1 and the current through each end of the winding is about equal (you have a 50:50 chance of catastrophic:harmless failure modes). For greater voltage ratios, the current ratio is no longer 1:1 and the catastrophic becomes the only likely failure mode. In those cases, isolated transformers are generally the only good option.