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I love film. I'm just not into fabulism or magical thinking in the face of reality(i.e., doom and gloom?).
I don't see what's magical about it? You seem to think film is going to die completely, and quickly at that, I don't. Not for a second. I'm not saying things are ever going to be like before digital, but things will stabilize and will probably even grow some after that. Much like vinyl records there will always be people who appreciate them, and usually there is some renewed interest in older technology once the new one becomes commonplace and boring. The fact that things are turbulent right now is normal when going from a high-volume market leading situation to a niche one. The market will adjust though and there is even room for new entrepreneurs to step in where maybe "older giants" failed because of lack of imagination or too much overhead. Even if companies like Kodak and Fuji were to stop making film all together I'm sure someone would step in and fill the demand at a lower scale. I think the Impossible Project and to some degree Lomo is a perfect example of this.