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The price floating around is said to be 1600$ / 1500 euro, and I agree hybrid is key which is why I find it funny that it can't be discussed on APUG. I think an even better example would be mechanical watches, pronounced dead and obsolete in the 70's & 80's with most of the old brands pretty much dead or struggling is now extremely popular again and most of the old brands have been revitalized or resurrected under new management. Sure, many people walk around with a cheap digital watch on their arm nowadays, it doesn't mean there can't be a thriving market for those who prefer something else. Funny enough the Swatch Group (those cheap ugly plastic battery watches) now own many of the higher-end mechanical brands. Maybe Sony will buy Kodak and revitalize the film industry
Problem is, mechanical watches are now priced like Leicas.

I'm still thinking Fuji, given its film heritage, optical chops and skill at cooking sensors, will pop out a killer affordable scanner for all us broken-hearted suckers.