magic smoke containment devices
Ha! someone else who knows the secret knowledge that everything electrical is actually operated by smoke, not electrons like they teach in skool. Once the smoke escapes the device can't work.

The expected power consumption is therefore about 750W, so 1000W is a fairly safe/conservative estimate.
Totally agree. The manual actually says "maximum connected load A/VA = 6.3/1500" which as I said before will have a safety margin built in. As the 1500W transformers I found links to were continuously rated at 1000W and only 1 hour at 1500W, if it was me that's what I would go for, for the little extra comfort of knowing I was well within spec no matter how hard I pushed, but totally agree that a single 2000W unit with 2 outlets will 99.9% be OK most of the time.

I would suggest though that you buy them (the identical device!) from eBay though for pricing reasons
I didn't do enough research!! Holly - this is definitely the way to go!