Hello.... it's I again and I am STILL having toning problems.

Paper is Adorama FB MATTE which has very similar characteristic to Ilford WT FB. Developer is Dektol 1:2.
Selenium is Kodak KRST 1:40 and brown toner is LegacyPro diluted to standard dilution. I understand this is a clone of Kodak's brown toner.

My current process is to print an image and process to completion with complete washing cycle.
Then cover an area where I do NOT want toning with rubber cement and into brown toner bath for 6 minutes.
HCA for 3 minutes to stop the action.
Rub off the cement and 30 minutes wash.

At this point, it's perfect - brown tone is just right and mood is right. EXCEPT, the part that was covered with rubber cement lacks brilliance.

So... the print is wet again, go to KRST bath for 2 minutes.
60 minutes wash.
Dry completely.

Now.... the brown toned portion has shifted somewhat to purple and looks a tad lighter than before. I can see a slight increase in contrast. The part that was covered initially and did not receive brown toning looks right. Right brilliance and range of tones.

Covering this print again with rubber cement or frisket during the second toning stage isn't possible/practical because of the composition.

Here's my problem:
1) I didn't like the fact brown shifted a little to purple
2) Why did the brown toned portion look lighter after selenium?
3) Should I tone the whole thing with selenium first, cover, then brown tone?
4) GENERALLY SPEAKING, toning with selenium first or brown first, how would the result differ? This is assuming the washing steps are complete between the steps so there are no interactions. I've done both in different prints but I am not able to characterize what I saw.

So far, I've spent 10 days total with this image...