Oh my god, I'm confused now!

Magic smoke?! What? You're losin me guys, bear in mind I'm quite right-brained and number-dyslexic at the best of times.
So Polyglot, the way you added it up to 1000W, you're saying that each 600W flash head will really equal only 1000W and so I could
get away with plugging the two of them into the one 2000W transformer?

When you say 'causes its breaker to pop' if connecting both flashes at once, does that mean I've killed that transformer and need to
get it fixed by someone? I don't know the lingo too well, sorry.

I couldn't find that item number on ebay, can you give me a link pls? I kind of want to buy from an actual shop in Aus, knowing my
luck and ability to screw even the simplest things up, if something does go wrong with the transformer/s I'll need the peace of mind
that I can call a Sydney or Melbs number and not have to deal with o/s language barriers, etc. Thinking it will just be less hassley.
(With *fewer* hassles, Steve! lol)