I've received all 5 of the Brownie Hawkeyes that I purchased last week.

I'm going to try and restore the two favorites, but one is extremely dirty. I can take it apart just fine, I know where I need to lube with bike chain oil, but I don't know about polishing the Bakelite or metal.

I purchased a Dremel 12pc polishing kit with various small brushes, pads, and polishing medium to complete the task. But I have a few questions...

- are there any finishes on the metal faceplate that I should be worried about removing by excessive polishing?
- what's the best way to remove rust from the faceplate and metal lock before polishing?
- how in the hell do you polish bakelite? I've heard about light abrasives like soft scrub or toothpaste or brasso, and then I've heard that those are terrible for polishing because it scratches the plastic. Suggestions?

Any help is appreciated!