On Friday, I received a C1 via mail order. There were a couple of issues (duly noted by the seller). One of these was several pin holes in the last 5 or six pleats. Being the believer in online research that I am, I checked here, LF forums, photo.net and the various other web pages. There seemed to be a number of possible solutions, depending on the size of the area to be fixed.

On the very front and last pleats, the holes were slightly larger (still pinholes, but you didn't need to stretch the bellows tight to see the light through them. For these, I cut some black gaff and used it for the repair. For the absolutely tiny holes that were left, I used some black latex fabric paint.

Now the question. How have those who used similar repairs found them to hold up.? I plan on a new bellows eventually (hopefully I can make it through the summer). Do people who have made bellows repairs think that making it through the summer sounds reasonable?

Oh yea. Those 8x10 dark slides are HUGE! Also, I rather enjoy a camera that I can fit my big head into.